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Dairy Products

Milk Products

Milk BottlesBecause we own our own farm and plant, we can ensure the highest quality milk products for your family. Our standards for production and service are the highest available. Our cows are carefully fed and monitored to insure their health. Our livestock are robust and we don't use any supplemental growth hormones (BGH). We milk every day and deliver it directly to you the next morning. Our milk lasts longer and tastes better. Price Sheet

Pro-to-Go Protein Milk

Protein Fortified MilkPro-to-Go protein-fortified milk packs 14 grams of protein into each delicious 8 oz. glass.  Try it as a meal replacement or protein booster. Great for busy adults, active teens and growing children. Creamy- no chalky texture, and made from wholesome ingredients including Longmont Dairy Milk.  Available in vanilla and chocolate. Price Sheet

Chocolate Milk

Chocolate MilkOur standards for velvety goodness become obvious the first time you taste our Chocolate Milk. Try some today and see why kids beg for a glass for dessert, and why teens don’t have to be convinced to make it their energy drink of choice. Some say our chocolate milk should come with a warning—you can’t order it just one time! Price Sheet

Whipping Cream

Whipping Cream Treat yourself and your family to the real thing! Once you try our rich whipping cream you will be dreaming up new ways to serve it. Everything tastes better with whipped cream! Price Sheet

Half & Half

Half and Half Start your morning with a smile! Pour this cream into your morning coffee, or enjoy over strawberries and granola. Price Sheet

Mary’s Mountain Cookie Dough

Mary's Mountain Cooie DoughMary’s Mountain Cookie Dough, made with the finest ingredients. Fill your kitchen with the delicious aroma of fresh baked cookies, without the effort. 3 lb tubs.

We have new flavors this year, so check them out: Chocolate Chip, Snickerdoodle, Pumpkin Chocolate Chip, Gluten Free Chocolate Chip and Sugar Cut-Out Cookie Dough. (Seasonal - available September 1st)

Price Sheet

Strawberry Milk

Stawberry Milk Longmont Dairy Strawberry Flavored 2% Milk. Strawberries in a bottle, pleasure in a glass! Delicious 'til the last drop! You tried it and you liked it! Now, it's available every time you order! Strawberry milk counts towards your weekly minimum order! Price Sheet

Orange Juice

Orange Juice Glass BottleOur Orange Juice is from the highest quality 100% pure Florida oranges. It is re-constituted for freshness, bottled in half gallon glass bottles and delivered cold and ready to drink. Price Sheet

Classic Eggnog & Cinnamon Eggnog

EggnogCinnamon Eggnog is seasonal, available September 1st.

Classic Eggnog runs November through December. Both can be ordered on line.

The Holiday Designer Eggnog bottles, with either flavor, are available only by calling customer service at (303) 776-8466. Order some delicious eggnog for the holidays!

Price Sheet

Noosa Yoghurt

Cottage CheeseAussie-style Noosa Yoghurt is made from local, Front Range Colorado milk. It’s rich and creamy. We offer discounts for orders of 6 or more. Try these flavors: Blueberry, Honey, Lemon, Mango, Peach, Raspberry, Strawberry Rhubarb, Tart Cherry, Pumpkin, Coconut and Pineapple. Price Sheet

Bhakti Chai Tea

EggnogMade from a blend of full flavored herbs and aromatic spices. Simply heat up a glass of fresh Longmont Dairy Milk and mix with equal parts Bhakti Chai concentrate to warm you up even on the coolest autumn day.

Price Sheet

Apple Juice and Apple Cider

Apple JuiceTalbott’s Mountain Gold Premium Apple Juice and Apple Cider are a unique blend of three different quality apples from the Colorado Mountains, carefully cleaned and pressed. Blending sweet and tart apples together creates a taste that is refreshing, zesty and bold.

Apple Cider is seasonal - available September 1st. Price Sheet

Egg-Land’s Best Eggs

Egg-Land’s Best Eggs

Egg-Land’s Best are available in brown or white eggs. Their cage hen’s diet consists of healthy grains with no animal fat, no animal by-products, and no recycled or processed food. The feed contains no added hormones, antibiotics, or steroids These chickens are not kept in cages and are free to roam, provided with sunlight, shade, shelter, an exercise area, and fresh air; the hens are also protected from predators. These chickens eat only Egg-Land’s Best’s patented hen feed, and superior brown eggs are the result. Packaging of the egg cartons in the Egg-Land’s Best plastic carton is made from recycled soda bottles. Delivered fresh to your home. Price Sheet

Cheese Products

Cheese Products

We deliver a variety of high quality Tillamook Cheeses. Tillamook Block Cheese comes in Medium Cheddar Cheese, Sharp Cheddar Cheese and Colby Jack Cheese. Price Sheet

Cheese Products

Cheese Products

Tillamook Sliced Cheese comes in Medium Cheddar Cheese, Sharp Cheddar Cheese and Colby Jack Cheese. Price Sheet

Cheese Products

Cheese Products

Tillamook Shredded Cheese is available in Sharp Cheddar Cheese, Colby Jack Cheese and Mozzarella Cheese.   Price Sheet

Cheese Products

Cheese Products

Tillamook Tilla-Moos Pack-it-Pals are great for lunches and come in Medium Cheddar Cheese and Colby Jack Cheese. Price Sheet

Cheese Products

Cheese Products

Tillamook Cheese Sticks are available in Colby Jack and Medium Cheddar Price Sheet


Cottage Cheese

Grassland Spreadable Butter is easy to spread, right out of the refrigerator. Comes in 8 oz. tubs.

Price Sheet

Cottage Cheese

Cottage Cheese

Daisy Cottage Cheese, made with whole milk, comes in 24 oz. container. Try it with fruit, or use it in casseroles. Anyway you like it, our cottage cheese will satisfy everyone in your family. Price Sheet

Sour Cream

Sour CreamDaisy Sour Cream, made with whole milk, is rich and delicious. Great for dips, potatoes and Mexican dishes. 16 oz. tub. Price Sheet

Raspberry Lemonade

Raspberry Lemonade Try our delicious raspberry lemonade. It is refreshingly delightful! Available May through September.
Price Sheet


LemonadeOur delicious and refreshing lemonade has less sugar, more taste, and is made with pure lemon juice! We use 20% less sugar and no corn syrup! Available May through September. Price Sheet

Stainless Steel Sports Bottle

Chocolate Milk Sports BottleTry our new sports bottle! Perfect for rehydrating after your workout, cycling or hiking. This high-quality, stainless steel sports drink bottle is dishwasher-safe and comes with an easily removable insulating cover. A loop-top handle makes transporting it a cinch. Price Sheet

New Style Metal Porch Boxes

Metal milk boxes are available for our customers to purchase with your choice of white or galvanized exteriors. Milk boxes can fit 6 half gallon bottles and resemble the old-fashioned style, adding an historical touch to your front porch. They are very reasonably priced at only $57.50, and they are yours to keep forever! To order, please call customer service (303) 776-8466 Price Sheet

Country Cream Butter

Country Cream ButterWe are excited to be able to begin offering you butter! Everything just tastes better when you cook with the real thing! There is nothing like real butter...its rich flavor takes everything to a whole new level. You will not be disappointed.
Price Sheet.