From Niwot Elementary
School, Grade 4

What does a cow say when he’s amazed?  Holy Cow!
Why did the farmer shake the cow up and down? He wanted a milk shake!
What side of the cow has the most spots? The outside!
Why do cows have spots? Because they would look silly with stripes.
Why did the cheese go to the barbecue? To get grilled!
Tongue Twister:  Colorful, caramel colored cows can climb in cold climates on colossal cliffs.

From Frederick Middle School Grade 8

What did the cow say to the farmer? Moove over.
What did the cow say to the ticket holder? I want to see a moovie?
Where does a cow live? The Milky Way.
What do you get when a cow laughs? A milk shake.
What did the cow say to the kid that was scared? You’re a coward.

From Superior Elementary School,
Grade 4

Knock, Knock!! Who’s there? Who’s there?
Impatient Cow. Impatient Cow MOOOOOOOO
What did the cow say to the milk? Got mooolk?

From Centennial Middle School. Language Arts Class

What did the cow say to the farmer? You butter milk me soon or I’m going to cream you!
What is an Australian cow? An Emooooo.
Why did the cow cross the road? Because the chicken was on a coffee break.
Why does a cow go to work every day? To earn lots of Moola.
Why did the cow cross the road? To get to the udder side!
Why didn’t the cow cross the road? Because it didn’t want to get hit by the mooooving van!
What two barnyard explorers first explored the western reaches of their farm? Moois and Cluck!
What do you call the cows that were flying through the air in the movie twister? Moooovie stars.
How many cows does it take to screw in a light bulb? Two, one holds the light bulb and the "udder" turns the chair.
What do birthing cows and marathon runners have in common? Healthy sleek calves.

Stolen Milk

The milk was there when I left,

and it left me quite bereft.

In a quandary,

as I sit and pondery,

who would perform such a theft?

Student: " Got Milk?"

English Teacher:  "The correct way to say that would be, "Do you
have milk."   Where’s your grammar?  "She’s at home making
cookies.  That’s why I need the milk."

Take a bow, cow

Let your cow take a bow

because she isn’t just a cow

she’s a milk-maker,

cheese creator,

yogurt producer,

ice-cream constructor,

and dairy product manufacturer

so let your cow take a bow!