March 2019: The 25th Annual Poetry Contest

Theme: Write about “The Leprechaun and the Cow.”

What would a cow do if she came upon a leprechaun while she was grazing in a field? What if she found his pot of gold? What if the pot of gold was filled with Milk Caps? What joke might the leprechaun play on a cow? Make up a wonderful story and tell it in a poem.

Deadline for submission is midnight, Sunday, March 10, 2019

Our poetry contest is announced in the March issue of the Mooo News and is open to all current customers’ children or grandchildren from K through 12th grade.

Winners and their poems are announced and published in the May Mooo News. Some poetry is also posted on our website.

Prizes will be awarded by grade/age division. 1st place $60; 2nd place $40; 3rd place $20.

E-mail your poem to: or mail it to Longmont Dairy, 920 Coffman Street, Longmont, CO 80501.
Include your name, grade, school, home address, and phone number.

Contest Rules

The contest will be divided by grade divisions: K-2nd Grade, 3-5th Grade, 6-8th Grade, and 9-12th Grade.
• Contestants may enter as many times as they want. Each submission must include contestant’s name, grade, school, home address, and phone number.
• Each winner with have their poems published in the May Mooo News with their name, school, and grade. Poems published on our website will include poet’s first name, school, and grade. All poems that do not win a prize may be posted on our website at our discretion. Poem submissions become the property of Longmont Dairy Farm, Inc. Your entry of a poem gives your consent to the contest rules.