K-2nd Grade

1st Prize
Chase C., 2nd Grade
Prairie Ridge Elementary, Firestone
There are so many animals on a farm
Cock-a-doodle-do is the morning alarm
The farmer wakes up to do his chores
He feeds the pigs with apple cores
He gathers the eggs the chickens lay
Then also gives the horses some hay
The cows’ need milking everyday
Before the farmer can go and play
He helps provide the food we eat
This is why I think the farmers are so neat!
2nd Prize
Julia N., 1st Grade
St. Thomas More Catholic School, Lone Tree
When the Rooster Crows

When the rooster crows the farm knows its time to go
The farmer goes to mow the lawn but first he has to put his overalls and boots on
And then he sees a train go by and it toots
Dog is hiding in the boots
Get him, have some tea and now don’t be late for more working!
At night maybe we can roast some s’mores
Ok, but first let’s do the chores
Horse spits out the apple cores
Now horse is crying, what’s the MATTER!
False alarm what a clatter
Close to bedtime now
Get in bed, read a book
Sing a song and sleep all night
Rooster wakes
Oh no I’m late!
Throw breakfast on a plate
3rd Prize
Jack F., 2nd Grade
Peak to Peak Charter School, Lafayette
Sunflower Field

Sunny days
Under the earth seeds grow
New baby animals grow
Fluffy sheep on a farm
Leaping cats jump on mice
On the farm, animals play
Wheat grows on the farm
Epic sunsets appear at the farm
Rabbits hop everywhere
Flowers burst from the soil
Inspiring animals
Emerging from a bed of straw is a calf
Little babies pace the yard
Dogs protect the sheep

3rd-5th Grade

1st Prize
Teagan S., 3rd Grade
Mead Elementary School, Mead
The Farmer’s Day

Listen to the rooster crow
Out the door the farmer goes
Now it’s time for the animals to eat
Good morning sun we are ready for your heat
Milking time for happy cows
Over the fields the farmer plows
Next it’s time for a homemade healthy lunch
The tractor bales the hay into a bunch
Dairy milk creamy and sweet
A cold and refreshing treat
In the barn the animals go
Ready to go home the sun is low
Yippee! The long day is done.


2nd Prize
Aaliyah S., 3rd Grade
Altitude Elementary School, Aurora

Thinking about my life on the farm,
makes my heart and soul warm
Waking up early seeing the bright sun
makes my day filled with fun
An early walk with the rising sun,
in my lovely animal barn
I see little red hens and 
hear chirpy songs of twin wren,
My little calf says MOO
and peeks out with one brown eye 
Saying BOO
Hearing which my sheep 
amidst the fluffy flock takes a peep
Under the bright yellow sun
I see a little hare on the run
We also grow corn and beans
and a variety of greens
Lying on my hay bed,
I smell my mom’s freshly baked banana bread
Watching my green valley,
and seeing my dad’s hay filled trolley
All I could whisper is,
our farm is a gift from God
Thank you always my dear lord
I should say life on the farm 
teaches me more value and charm
3rd Prize
Maggie N., 3rd Grade
St. Thomas More Catholic School, Lone Tree
Hard Work on the Farm

Hard work on the farm
Rooster crows that’s the alarm
Get out of bed Don’t be late
Put some breakfast on your plate
Open the gates to milk the cows
and then you have to find the horse now
It’s time to feed her a yummy carrot
I know exactly how
Now it’s time to plow the fields
and ignore the sun as hot as it feels
The tractor wheels are moving along
Now I will sing my work song
This day seems really long
I wish I could just take a break
but time to work, collect the eggs and sow the dirt
I’ve worked from dawn to dusk
Now it’s time for bed
And to rest my head

6th-8th Grade

1st Prize
Tiana F., 8th Grade
Century Middle School, Thornton

Geese fly and they flee until they feel glee
They stay in their pack and yell out a big QUACK
Border Collies direct the cattle
And sometimes it is quite the battle
Horses go neigh and then hit the hay
When they’re not a sleepin they will always be leapin
The farmers watch all there is
And he has perfected the biz to this beautiful and upbeat farm
A new morning comes and the rooster plays its drums
Inside its beautiful and talented voice
When the day passes by it’s time for the night sky
And all the amazing creatures make their sounds to say good night.
2nd Prize
Porter H., 8th Grade
Jefferson County Open School, Lakewood
Farm Sonnet

The sun has risen up it’s time to go
The stables are where I need to be
I clean them out while cows frolic and fro
As for now I can finally be free
I head to the house to get some breakfast
It feels extremely good to eat this meal
The rain has started to pour at last
We must now act with necessary zeal
The animals go elsewhere by the palm
Playtime is now sadly over for them
I succeed in keeping them all calm
One animal is a wonderful gem
His name is Cleo a beautiful horse
He helps the farm run it’s amazing course!
3rd Prize

Penelope L., 6th Grade
Peak to Peak Charter School, Lafayette
Life on the Farm

Everyday is the same.
I wake up, eat breakfast, enter school.
And ask myself about the future.
All sorts of jobs await me!
But what I really want is life on the farm.
I wake up and milk Kenny the cow
And collect the eggs.
The rooster Annin is my alarm;
He awakes me.
My partner and kids help pick vegetables
With my dog keeping guard.
My flock of sheep is plentiful;
They provide me with wool.
And my orchard; my vast orchard.
Millions of fruits and veggies lay inside.
The cornfield is a maze.
Golden stalks arise from barren earth.
Working on a farm is my dream job
And I know
Every day is just the same.

9th-12th Grade

1st Prize

Emily B., 11th Grade
Home schooled, Arvada
Creaky Old Barn

Amongst the golden seas of corn and brisk country air,
A creaky, red, wooden barn is always standing there.
Inside that barn, that creaky old barn, 
A farmer taught his son
To fork the hay and milk the cow, until the day is done.
Inside that barn, that lofty red barn, ran two little girls to play.
They climbed in the straw, brought their dolls, and lingered there all day.
Inside that barn, that lofty red barn, 
A mother scattered grain.
She hummed a joyous song as she brushed the horse’s mane.
That barn has seen the family grow as years roll away.
Summer, harvest, winter, spring: still strong it stands today.
2nd Prize

Liam J., 10th Grade
Centaurus High School, Lafayette
Wake up before the sun

To the rooster’s crow
In order to get everything done
To the farm they go.
To the rooster’s crow
They’ll be up for a while
To the farm they go
But with a smile.
They’ll be up for a while
With animals, big and small
But with a smile,
They care for them all.
With animals, big and small
Crops need attention too
They care for them all
Farmers work through and through.
Crops need attention too
It now starts to rain
Farmers work through and through
The weather’s a pain
It now starts to rain
But it’s no cause for alarm
The weather’s a pain
But it’s all part of Life on the Farm.
3rd Prize

Maya R., 10th Grade
Lyons High School, Lyons
Raindrop Mice

Little mice scamper on by
past a fresh golden pie
to warm milk 
that goes down smooth as silk 
between a golden stalk 
Of dried up corn 
and past the scarecrow ravens all mock
Through the feet of woolen sheep 
as the guard dogs all sleep 
Past big brown eyes 
and the honey bee hives
With the bees humming on sweet air 
the ducks waddling all in a pair
Weaving between old leather boots  
that grow sweet pea shoots
The little mice sit around the empty milk tin
While dark clouds roll in 
Farmers pray and the cats meow 
woven with the bellow of a distant cow
All the animals hooved and tall 
hide from the rain sure to fall