K-2nd Grade

1st Prize Piper B., 2nd Grade
Cherokee Trail Elementary, Parker
How does the milk get to my sister?
Watch out for this poem!
It’s a real tongue twister!
Does it come in big bunches?
Like bananas and grapes?
Does it come in a truck, like giant pet apes?
No! Not at all! It comes from a cow!
But I know what you’re thinking.
You’re wondering, “How?”
Well, first it all starts with just a female.
Then the farmer comes in to send her an email.
“Time to get working!
Put your milk in the pail!
And be really careful not to drop in your tail!”
Then the milk gets all bottled
And boxed and then shipped!
And then when it’s bought it’s all sipped up real quick!
2nd Prize Titus C., 1st Grade
Thunder Vista, Broomfield
Milk Sounds Good!
crunch crunch moooo
cows eat their fooood
squirt squirt squeeze
farmers say more milk please
vroom vroom beep
milk truck is filled to it’s peak
clang clang clink
the milk man delivers white drink
gulp gulp burp
as I drain my cup
sip sip mmmm
thank you cows for the yummm
3rd PrizeEmma B., 1st Grade
Compositive Primary, Aurora
A Milk Story!
Milk is yum
In your tum!
But what happens before
it arrives at your door?
Today is a story
about your dairy.
It starts at the farm
where blossoms grow
and a cow goes moo!
How to gather milk,
the farmers know.
Into glass bottles
Big and small
with lots of flavors
they’ve got them all.
They pick up those bottles
Big and small
and say good bye to the farm
carrying them all.
Well then, my friend,
while on your street
the milk truck drives by
with cookies to eat!
Open your box
with feelings of joy
it’s milk with cookies
your tummy will enjoy.

3rd-5th Grade

1st Prize Austin T., 5th Grade
Homeschool, Erie
Cows weigh a lot of pounds
They weigh more than hounds
Some cows are black and white
And they like to sleep at night
The milk comes from the mother
Then given to another
In a bottle made of glass
With a top on last
The milkman is like a fairy
He comes at night with the dairy
Friday is like a dream
Chocolate milk that tastes like ice cream
It takes me three days to drink it all
It’s impossible to buy it at the mall
So I wait day after day
Until the milkman is on his way
2nd Prize Kaity C., 5th Grade
Commerce City
The Cow Poem
I am a cow
You can spot me at Stock Shows, rodeos, fields, and more,
And sometimes if you’re lucky
Through the Chick-Fil-A door.
I’ll tell you how your milk got to you now:
I am the one who makes your milk,
When it goes down your throat it’s smoother than silk
It’s not complicated, it’s easy to say,
A farmer comes out and milks me every day.
He bottles it up and sends it away,
Into a truck, but there it won’t stay.
A milkman drives house-to-house delivering the milk,
Into a cooler goes that white liquid silk.
This makes people happy to see,
Then they drink it all up, the milk that comes from me.
3rd Prize Alianna G., 3rd Grade
Homeschool/APEX, Loveland
As I drink my milk
I know I’m getting calcium
but then I wonder:
where does milk come from?
I ask my mom:
“Where should I look?”
She left the room
then came back with a book.
I opened the book
and read about how
the milk always starts with
a bucket and cow.
They process the milk then some of it is flavored.
In my house eggnog is favored.
They bottle the milk and it’s delivered to me.
I hear the milk truck, close my book, and run out to see.
I open the milk box, pour a glass, take a drink.
Milk from cow to cup! It’s fascinating, I think!

6th-8th Grade

1st Prize Kian F., 6th Grade
Homeschool, Arvada
Milking cow Millie,
Said to the Filly,
Milking time,
At 5 o’nine,
Here comes Farmer Billy.
He squirts my milk in a pail.
Hauls it over hill and dale.
Snow or sun,
Makes the run,
He will deliver without fail.
Leaves the bottle at the door,
Bringing in the milk is not a chore.
They drink a glass,
Before their class,
They can’t wait to have some more!
2nd Prize Emma P., 8th Grade
Homeschool/The Summit Academy, Westminster
Yummy milk from cow to cup.
This is how we drink it up.
Longmont Dairy milks their cows.
“Whoa, there, heifer, steady now.”
My milk from cow to cup.
This is how we drink it up.
They work their magic on the milk
So it’s sweet and smooth as silk.
Yummy milk from cow to cup.
This is how we drink it up.
We order milk from Longmont Dairy
There’s now such a thing as a dairy fairy.
Yummy milk from cow to cup.
This is how we drink it up.
The Longmont Dairy Fairy brings the milk to our front door.
Once it’s used up we order more.
Yummy milk from cow to cup.
This is how we drink it up.
3rd Prize Matthew N., 6th Grade
Homeschool, Arvada
My Milk: From Cow to Cup
Out of the cow comes,
So delicious and cold,
Pure, creamy, cold,
Milk. The farmer pulls the tail,
A white waterfall falls into the pail,
And a creamy stream falls,
As smooth as silk,
Is the milk.
It bubbles into the bottle,
As white as snow,
Here comes the gray cap,
And the milk is ready to go!
Then, in the dead of night,
The deliverers come late,
And drop it in the box,
The milk is here at last,
On Wednesday my favorite day of days!

9th-12th Grade

1st Prize Liam J., 12th Grade
Centaurus High School, Lafayette
In the morning, nutrition my goal
I grab some milk for my cereal bowl.
A thought strikes me; I begin to think up
Just how the milk got from cow to cup.
When it’s time, the cows on the prairie
Are milked by Longmont Dairy.
Then heated to get rid of contamination,
A process that’s called pasteurization.
Then, to take the milk to your door just right
The delivery drivers work in the dead of night.
These hardworking people will brave any weather
They truly make Longmont Dairy better.
Cereal in hand, I look up at the sky
Reflecting on everything that’s gone by.
With my belly full and my spirits merry,
I give one more thanks to Longmont Dairy.
2nd Prize Alex C., 11th Grade
Arapahoe High School, Centennial
Oh, the cows
People, think more about the cows!
They give us the milk we drink from our cups
And grass is their favorite way to chow up
The milk they produce goes on a long trip
If you knew about every step, you’d just flip!
First it comes from the cows in the meadow
Grazing in the sun, feeling all mellow
The milk then goes on a ride in a truck
To your door for YOU to pick up!
But dairy can be used in more ways than one
Use it to make sour cream, chocolate milk—just have fun!
So next time you have milk and you take a good sip
Remember the cows—they started this trip!
3rd Prize Sofia C., 10th Grade
Arapahoe High School, Centennial
Betsy walks along the meadow
With winds blowing her coat
Waiting for Mr. Boyd to call them in
And for someone to milk her
She sees the driver, Mr. Nelson
Smiling as he loads crates
He waves at Betsy
Oh how she loves to see the big truck pull away.
As the night sky twinkles
And dream of the families
Drinking a tall glass of chocolate
Or strawberry
Or vanilla mint milk
And for next week to come
And more Longmont Dairy to arrive