It was our wonderful cream that inspired us to deliver the best peaches in the world to your doorsteps. As we were thinking about making ice cream for a summer recipe, we found ourselves dreaming about ice cream topped with Palisade peaches from the western slopes of Colorado. That’s when we decided to deliver boxes of Palisade peaches, while they were in season, to our customers. We deliver them in July and August, depending on when the season starts and ends.

Our customers loved the opportunity to receive these special, fresh peaches, so when the holidays arrived, we decided to try the traditional holiday gift fruit and started delivering D’Anjou Pears in boxes. They offer a great source of fiber and vitamin C, are fat-free, sodium-free and cholesterol free making pears a great snack to off-set all of the holiday sweets. We deliver pears in November.

Then, in the cold of winter, as we were missing sunshine and milder weather, we thought you might enjoy a citrus boost. So, we added our Orange Variety box, with both Navels and Cara Cara oranges, to bring fresh, bright orange fruit to your kitchen table. Cara Cara’s are red-fleshed Navels that are low in acid, easy to peel, and have a more complex taste suggesting cherry’s and blackberries. We deliver oranges in November.

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